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About Us

Wurva was founded with the goal of providing all businesses with secure, scalable and success driving technical infrastructure. Our customized solutions are tailored individually and centered on a best practices approach while being delivered in a scalable fashion to grow and innovate with the needs of the market and our partners in business.

We are Wurva.

We work for you.

What we do


Software Development

Web Design

Software as a Service

Product Roadmapping


Fully Managed IT Services

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Infrstructure as a Service

Platform as a Service

Remote Monitoring and Management



  • Rather than guessing and starting a project blind, we always take the time to meet with the client to ensure both parties have a clear and concise understanding of their unique service.
  • As our team works to finish a product, we do our best to consistently provide regular updates to the client on the status of our work.
  • We've done away with the generic tiered plans that plauge our competitors, each quote is unique and based on what you want, nothing extra.

Charles Barone

Lead Developer

Joseph Richards

Managing Director

Fancis Howerton

Account Manager

Working Remotely?

Ask about our new Platform as a Service products! Wurva is here to help your business no matter where your employees are, anywhere in the world!

San Francisco, CA

New York, NY

London, UK